Sunday, September 18, 2016

At a Street Café

The footpath was so high that one needed a ladder to climb on it. Thank Goodness I had a walking stick for support and an extended palm of a friend to hold on to. I climb up and entered the newly launched café.
The café occupied a part of the footpath, the extended part of the café was covered by bamboo curtains, coloured bamboo sticks, and fancy artefacts . Footpaths in Mumbai are normally used by shops as an extension to display their products, or they may be used by hawkers, also used by street dwellers, or otherwise they are broken with missing pavers. It is never safe for common people, pedestrians normally walk on the middle of the road, dodging traffic.
“This is first thing you must attend to, if you want the clients to enter your Café, keep a lower step” I grumbled
A large cart of ‘Delhi chaat’ was parked just at the entrance. There were assortments of street food like Pani Puri, Papri Chaat, Samosas and a large hot plate with potato patties, ready to serve.
The waiter looked apologetic and guided me through a glass facade into a small AC room inside the café.
“We have a nice Palak Papri Chat, would you like to try it?” asked the waiter at our table.
A spinach fritters with sweet curd, spicy chutney, garnished with pomegranate seeds, Sev and coriander leaves sounded good.
“Yes okay” I said, drooling
“Lets see what else they have.” Said my friend and asked for a menu card.
Although café looked small, it had a great variety of food on its’ menu card. There were street food from all over the world. Two or three specialities, the most famous and relished dishes from India, Italy, Indonesia, Middle East. Etc.There were hummus, Falafel Salad, Pastas, Spaghetti, exotic sandwiches, and everything vegetarian........

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Friends Meet up

The day sparkles
When you meet up
With friends you love
Spend time with them
Doing nothing
No cares in the world
Worries kept on top shelf
Chores unscratched
At the back of the mind
Just music, food, drinks
A chat or two
A game of poker
Rummy or flash
A board game would also do
But gossip is must
Harmless they be
Perks up the moods
Eyebrows raised
Shine in the eyes
Loud laughter
All in the game
Talking freely
Of this and that
Day sparkles
When you meet up with
Friends you love.....

Saturday, September 10, 2016

She seeks me out
Puts her arms around me
Speaking in her broken words
In the language of love
Munching on a piece of carrot
She begins to recite a poem
That I had taught her many times
While she sat on my lap
Holds my hands
Leads me to her room
Shows me her toy cabinet
Bends double to pick her favorite
Hopping on one foot
She lets out a joyful squeal
Her innocence fills my world
My moods change
Happiness surround me
All I feel is just
Happy Birthday to my
Living doll
Two years today
May you always shine on......

Thursday, August 11, 2016


They walk with me
at my pace
through desert sand
and prickling stones
There is laughter
joy, bliss in store
although I sulk silly
down the road
My friendship is not
like frozen water
that melts away
with soft sun stroke
It stays strong
Precious for many years.
shining brightly
like uncut stone
Friends for me are
soul mates for life,
Those who know me
have survived.
Weak ones I left them
far behind.
In maze of thorns
of different kind
True friends those still around.
they for sure can last life time
I thank them for being by my side
For being important chunk
of my life

Monday, July 25, 2016

Strings of Attachment

Strings of attachment 
all they bring is pain
when they snap off connection
leaving the loose ends
entangled at finger tips
no love remains.......

Cuss Words

Cuss words
uttered carelessly
is no step to publicity
You might think
it being your superiority 
to relegate people
under feet and dust
but humility has always
been the winner
words laced with love.....

Guru Purnima

My Lord resides in my soul
my saviour, my guide
leading me towards path
of happiness and bliss
Attracting only the blessed souls
that enhances my life
Happy Guru Punam
to good souls surrounding me
I am because you are....

Monday, July 04, 2016

Think Positive On A Rainy Day

Cold and dank room at midday
Wet clothes spread on floor and bed
Sun hides behind heavy clouds
Sheets of rain 
Slippery ground
Friend sends a message
"Are you doing good?"
I complain "Bad rainy day"
"Use no negative words
Not even for rain" she writes back
Not that rain troubles me
I stay comfortable
Lying on bed
staring at sky
Through my window
criss crossed with grill
But down there on busy street
I hear non stop beeps
Of cars, buses, ambulance,lorries jeeps
Two wheelers might zig zag
Through maze with speed
But four wheelers wait impatiently
I feel their frustration in traffic jam
I am sure there is water logging somewhere, 
or a pothole, 
a broken pavement, 
a path covered with fungus green or 
on a footpath a missing slab
People trying a balancing act, 
somebody must have missed their step, 
fell on their knees, 
broke an ankle, 
bruised their limb
Patients flock to hospitals
With illness more serious than a sneeze
"Use no negative words" 
says my friend
I look on this dark day for positivity
Doctors happy, their biz is good
City continues to be crippled by heavy rains

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Self Imposed Curfew

Under self imposed curfew
enclosed within four walls
I watch the rain drops drip
The sheet blotting the world
I shift my gaze
Beyond the pages of my book
Cold air carressing my skin
Skies tear apart with rumbling sounds
Light gnashes its sparkling teeth
Days shall pass bit by bit
Till  health returns to pink
Its just I, me, myself
and crawling words on the net

Imaginations round up
of far away birds and clan
that glide down the rainbow
into mysterious ramp

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